The Mona Lisa Body Treatment

The journey to smooth, soft skin commences with an invigorating sweet and salty exfoliation customized with your choice of essential oils. The application of aromatic nourishing lotion leaves skin velvety soft and revitalized.

The Mona Lisa Signature Massage

A full body massage with therapeutic scalp treatment created to relieve tension and soothe sore, aching, muscles. Utilizing Swedish massage techniques of long flowing strokes of varying pressure to help guests relax and unwind.

Upgrade Options (Additional Cost)

Neuromuscular • Deep Tissue • Hot Stone • Sports • Thai •

Aromatherapy • Reflexology

The Ultimate Couples Escape Massage

Our candlelit Couples Massage Room is reserved for this special experience to be shared with a loved one. Each of you will be provided with your own therapist and treated to the massage ritual of your choice. 60 minutes • 80 minutes

Eastern Therapies

Shiatsu - This Japanese massage balances the energy flow through the meridians of your body. Using finger pressure in combination with stretches, it opens the meridians to create a sense of balance and peace. It improves flexibility, circulation and posture.

60 minutes

Back Treatment

Involves a deep pore cleansing vaporizing steam to lift impurities by extractions. A very relaxing and hydrating skin smooth the appearance of the skin.

Four Hands Massage

Four hand massage is a type of massage therapy which involves two therapists working simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage. The massage can be performed in several different fashions:

• Mirroring

One therapist takes the lead and the other therapist does the same work on the opposite side of your body.

• Upper Body & Lower Body Work

One therapist will work on your upper body and the other therapist will work on your lower body. Halfway through the session the therapists will swap and work on the other part of the body.

• Reflexology & Body Work

One therapist will work on reflexology (feet & hands) while the other one will work on your upper body. Halfway through the session the therapists will swap and one will keep the reflexology work while the other will work on your lower body.

• Customized

The therapists can customize the work to suit your needs. Please consult with the therapists prior to the session.

Signature Body Threatments

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